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Our research explores the functional roles of microbes in ecosystems. Microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, contribute to global carbon balance and cycle nutrients required for plant growth. Using theory, experiments, and mathematical models, we analyze the response of microbial communities to changes in the environment and the consequences for life on Earth. Much of our work focuses on the soil microbiome and feedbacks to global climate change. We also recognize the growing need to manage ecosystems and their microbial inhabitants in the face of human environmental pressures. We aim to provide a sound scientific basis for solving environmental problems, including climate change, at local to global scales. The Allison Lab promotes diversity and inclusivity in all of these efforts.


January 4, 2019

Drought and nitrogen treatments at the Loma Ridge Global Change Experiment affect greenhouse gas fluxes according to a new study in Soil Biology and Biochemistry by Emma Aronson and UCI colleagues

December 14, 2018

Our new paper in Global Change Biology by Jianwei Li et al. uses data assimilation and modeling to show that soil microbial properties of carbon use efficiency and death rate don't adapt to soil warming at Harvard Forest.

December 5, 2018

New perspective article by Bin Wang argues that soil aggregates--separate micro‐environments embedded in a soil matrix--are mini-reactors for microbial and physical processes that cycle greenhouse gases. Now published in Global Change Biology.

November 5, 2018

Results of our microbiome transplant experiment across a climate gradient in Southern California are now published in PNAS!

September 4, 2018

Congratulations to Kelly Ramin for succesfully defending her PhD today!

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