A trait-based framework for linking microbial communities with carbon transformations under precipitation change

Loma Ridge drought experiment

The overarching objective of this project is to predict decomposition rates under drought conditions based on a suite of –omics approaches. In collaboration with Mike GouldenAdam MartinyJennifer Martiny, and Kathleen Treseder at UCI and Eoin Brodie at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, we will quantify microbial traits related to drought tolerance, resource acquisition, and growth yield. In addition, this work will identify tradeoffs among traits within and across microbial taxa as well as the consequences of these tradeoffs for litter carbon loss and transformation. Trait tradeoff relationships will be used to parameterize a trait-based ecosystem model and predict microbial community and carbon cycling responses to drought. The predictions will be validated and further refined with experimental data from field manipulations of microbial communities and measurements of carbon cycling processes.

Funded by DOE Genomic Science Program

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